About the ISPA

The ISPA is a not for profit ex-service organisation (ESO) formed to assist, advise and support serving and ex-serving men and women and their famalies dealing with the various rehabilitation and compensation schemes applicable to their military service.

The ISPA formed back in 1995 because no other organisation catered for non war veterans. Those with peacetime service had no-one to turn to for support, advice or representation. Today, due to constant lobbying and awareness raising by the ISPA most ESO's have pension officers trained in the SRCA & MRCA and an understanding of non veteran needs. The Training and Information Program (TIP) which used to teach the VEA and welfare aspect introduced training for the SRCA and its impact with the VEA and other benefits.

Unfortunately the ISPA has had to cease lobbying and representation with low membership numbers reducing its financial abilities associated with advocacy work.

We are now concentrating on the construction of a memorial dedicated to those killed and injured in peacetime service.

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Over 1000 men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving in Australia and on humanitarian aid missions in other countries.

Training for operations and war is not without its risks considering most exercises are conducted as if they are operating in a war zone. Even humanitarian aid work can be fatal as the world saw on the 2nd of April 2005.

Other significant peacetime and training incidents include the collision of HMAS Melbourne & Voyager on 10 Feb 1964, the Blackhawk collision on 12 June 1996, demolition training exercise at Kapooka 21 May 1945 and many more.

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Memorial Project

The ISPA as undertaken a memorial construction project to honour and remember the men and women of the ADF killed and injured on peacetime duty, training and humanitarian aid.

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