National Peacetime Service Memorial Project Update 12 Feb 2015

The Injured Service Persons Association has embarked on a project to construct a memorial to honour and remember the Australian Defence Force (ADF) men and women who have died or been injured whilst training to go to war, on duty in peacetime service or on humanitarian aid overseas.

The memorial will be constructed at Russell Offices in Canberra, which is the ADF decision making centre.

The memorial design will reflect the Navy, Army and Air Force service within Australia.

The ISPA has been meeting with the Canberra National Committee as well as by corrspondence.

Costing of materials will be calculated on completion of design approval.

Location of the Memorial

It has been agreed upon that the location of the memorial will be at the top end of the four main buildings. This was decided after a recent meeting with defence and the NCA at their preferred site.

Dedication of the Memorial

To Be Advised. The official dedication will hopefully be on the anniversary of the HMAS Melbourne and HMAS Voyager collision.


Memorial Project direct deposit.

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